About Us

The story of poppentopper.com in short

The Name
Poppentopper is a dutch word and literally means 'Dolltopper'. It originally came up spontaneously as a fun username for eBay.

Who is poppentopper.com
Poppentopper.com is owned and run by one person; passionate and experienced doll collector Josien Buijs. Josien has been collecting dolls from 1996 up to the present day and as of 2005 successfully sold a small part of her private collection on eBay. She moved on professionally in 2008 by opening her own online shop Poppentopper.com. Josien then stopped using eBay as selling platform but kept her dutch eBay nickname as name for the shop.

Our Dolls
Poppentopper.com is the first online shop that focuses exclusively on selling dolls in national costume. We offer vintage collectible dolls that represent all kinds of nationalities and ethnic minorities from all over the world. Besides dolls from far away and exotic places poppentopper.com has a range of unusual dutch dolls since the shop is based in The Netherlands. Why no other dolls? From a collector's point of view we strongly believe there is much to learn and appreciate from these dolls, the diversity is fascinating. A doll wearing the traditional costume of it's country, cultural region or ethnic group always tells a story, it keeps local culture and tradition alive.

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